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What is the Reseller Hosting ?

What is Reseller Hosting?

There is no substitute for reseller hosting to get started at the lowest cost. If you buy reseller hosting you will get a control panel called whm. From where you can create your own hosting package and plan. You can create a cPanel account for your customers under the package you created.

reseller hosting

Can manage client’s account. Can suspend-Unsuspend. You can access any of your client’s cPanel accounts, and support them. Here’s how to put one together for use with your hosting business. To get a reseller hosting starting package you will have to spend $10.67/Month. This means that the bigger the package, the lower your cost per GB. You can check our reseller hosting prices and packages here for detailed ideas.

The biggest advantage of reseller hosting is low cost, even if you don’t have much technical knowledge. This is because the upstream provider is responsible for the server or hosting management.

You can create your own hosting package with reseller hosting and sell it in the name of your company.

Now the question is what will be the profit? It’s better than your job. Also, you can find jobs here.

Assuming you start with a 10 GB package which costs 7000 rupees. Ready to sell your hosting for 1 year. You can make packages from 50 GB and sell them from here. For our 50 GB  retail customers, the price is $50.00/Mo per year.

You can read the Lessonery article to know more about hosting in Bengali.

What is overselling?

Overselling means you can buy 10 GB of reseller hosting and sell 20 GB-50 GB. Let me clarify the matter a little more. Suppose you sold a total of 10 accounts for 1 GB with a 10 GB reseller. One of the 10 accounts used 200 MB, 5 used 500 MB, and 4 used 1 GB.

Then your total usage is 600 MB. That means you still have 3300 MB of space out of 10 GB. You can continue to sell your packages till the end of this 3300 MB. This is basically overselling.
However, the disadvantage of overselling is that these servers are overloaded. Since resellers are getting more and more accounts, there will be more sites. And the hosting or server will also be slow.
About 99% of the outside companies, including us, do not sell reselle hosting.

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