Joining our team means becoming an advocate for your beloved products and earning rewards for your dedication. Our advanced tracking system keeps tabs on your referrals and generously compensates you for each new client you introduce to Winghosty. When you refer visitors to Winghosty, you'll receive a 20% recurring commission for every successful sign-up. It's a straightforward and rewarding opportunity.

How to Join?

Starting is a breeze! Begin by registering for your account (no cost involved!). After completing your registration, please click here to activate your affiliate account.

Affiliate Terms

  1. You must have a website. Anytime a visitor comes to your website if they click on it and sign up, you automatically get credited.
  2. Coupon sharing site is not allowed for our affiliate program.
  3. You can't use affiliate link for own usages.
  4. You should not engage in any blackhat seo/spam link building techniques in order to generate more referrals for Winghosty
  5. You are required to disclose the affiliate relationship with Winghosty on your website.
  6. You agree not to violate any applicable law.