Privacy Policy for Winghosty Hosting Services

1. Information Collection

What information is collected (e.g., personal, contact, payment) and how it's obtained.

The purpose of collecting this information (e.g., account creation, billing).

Use of cookies and tracking technologies (if applicable).

2. Data Usage

How collected data is used (e.g., providing services, improving services, customer support).

Disclosure of data to third parties (e.g., payment processors, support services).

3. Data Security

Measures in place to protect user data.

Data encryption and storage security practices.

9. Contact Information

How users can contact the company with privacy-related inquiries.

The company's physical address and contact email.

Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service This Terms of Service (TOS) is a contract that sets out the rights and responsibilities of Code For Host, Inc and registrants of domain names and hosting products through Code For Host, Inc(Customer, you or your). This TOS incorporates other agreements between Code For Host, Inc and you, such as the registration agreements and dispute resolution procedures. Code For Host provides domain name registration and hosting services to you either directly, or in conjunction with other businesses. These businesses may have contracts that differ from this TOS. We will provide you with links to these contracts on request. These other agreements, along with this TOS, are collectively referred to as the “Agreements.” These Agreements may be modified for time-to-time without notice to you. You agree to be bound by these modifications.